Neptune is the fastest and easiest way to split and pay your bills at restruants.


Creating a restaurant payment experience where customers can easily tap into an app to see their bills and checkout within a minute. Now, customers no longer need to wait for the waiter or waitress and they can simply split amongst friends, pay and leave!



UX & UI & Interaction Designer


UI Design

Information Architecture


Market research

Pitching the idea to potential investors

Marketing video production






Three teammates including myself, Rani Kim, and Fabian Scheiwiller


  • Bringing the fastest solution that can minimize any unnecessary friction along the payment process for both customers and restaurant servers.
  • Extensive market research in Europe, Asia, and Canada, and iterating designs accordingly.
  • Created clickable high fidelity prototypes, and tested and validated ideas with users and restaurants.


Problem Space

Stories at the restaurant...

It was a beautiful day at work and my collagues and I decided to have lunch toghether. After having a good meal and lots of chatting, we noticed it’s been already over an hour and work is calling.

We try to get the attention of the waiter but he just seems to be too busy.
Eventually we start waving our hands and he comes to our table.
Waiter: "Was everything OK?"
Us: "Yes very yummy, can we pay please?"
Waiter: "Sure - let me just clean the table."
He then clears the table and leaves
After a while the waiter comes back with the bill.
Waiter: “Do you guys want to split the bill or pay all together? Cash or card?"
Us: Everyone is paying seperately.
He goes away to get the payment terminal.
The waiter then goes through every item on the bill to separate the bill.
Finally, we all paid our share and we are good to go - after 15 min from getting the attention to actually paying the bill.


The previous scenario where customers are waiting for their bill happens very often and it can even take longer than 15 minutes during peak hours. We did extensive market research in Europe, Asia, and Canada and found the same struggles everywhere.

  • In most restaurants, the waiters have to share the mobile payment terminal and have to take their turn, which often results in a long wait for both the waiters and guests.
  • Traditional mobile payment terminals are expensive and require high maintenance. High cost per device and transaction fees comes on top for restaurants.
  • In some cultures, it is common to split the bill and pay individually, and for some, it's more common that one person pays for all and take turn.
  • Sometimes it's situation-specific, for instance, a business lunch or on a special date, it's unlikely to split the bill.
  • Cashless payment is getting more popular.


In Tokyo, people still pay by cash a lot! In many smaller restaurants, cards are not accepted but you can find restaurants which use machines at the entrance where guests can pay by themselves when they leave. This can free waiters from cashing in and out however there are following pros and cons:

  • Faster than traditional payment
  • Waiters doent need to cash in
  • Guests can pay whenever they want

  • Big investment for machine and maintenance
  • Line ups at the machine on high times
  • No splitting option
  • Paper waste
  • No insights on customer and hard to maintain a customer relationship
  • This solution looks interesting but lacks in scalability.

After building a high fidelity prototype of the app, we reach out to restaurants and got permission to test our product with the customers of the restaurants. With the study, we not only received positive reactions from the users but also gained very important insights:

In order to make our product successful and make it really useful for our users, the product needs to be available in any restaurant around the world.

For us, this means that the solution has to be easy to adapt and implement in any restaurant's service flow at a low cost. The new solution shouldn't change too much in how a restaurant or a waiter works since the fluctuation rate in waiters is high it's important for the new system to have a low learning curve.

Solution - NEPTUNE

With Neptune, people can easily make their payment whenever they are ready without any hassle or wait time. Customers can now check their bill on their app and can even easily split bills with their friends whenever they want.
Neptune also helps our restaurants to learn more about our customers and servers can just focus on the most important mission - providing the best experience for the customers.
We want the restaurant experience to be more meaningful and less waiting. Eat and pay with Neptune now. ✌️

At the Restaurant

A promotion video showing the experience in a restaurant environment.


To provide fast and simple payment experience, we wanted to make sure that users are able to enter the restaurant and pick up our app for the first time and immediately understand the flow of the app.

The Neptune flow is as following: Guests enter the restaurant and take a seat at a table where they can order directly from waiters as usual. A QR code can be found attached to every table. By scanning the QR code with the Neptune app, the order and the current spendings will be shown on the app (once the waiter has punched it ino the cashier system) and updates as you continue to order. Guests can enjoy their meal and pay at any given time within the app.


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Waiters will receive a notification once the meal has been paid and the guests are good to go.



Seeing bills in real-time

Scan the QR code and check your bill in real time.

Share and split bills

Guests can split the bill and shared items.
When splitting the bill, a copy is sent to every individual in the group with the remaining amount. If a guest is alone or just wants to invite the entire party, choose to pay the entire bill and it's done within seconds.

Pay, Tips, Feedback and Receipt

When it comes to payment, a user can use stored credit cards, Apple Pay or Neptune credits. A user can store multiple cards like business or private cards and easily switch between them.

Tipping became super simple, just press the tip area and choose between suggested tips or others and users will immediately see the tip and the total amount.

Users can also rate and provide feedback to the restaurants.

Cashier Side-Cick

The Neptune Cashier Side-Cick helps waiters to easily keep track of each table's current state of payment and order. It helps waiters to enforce payments to guests if they forgot to pay.
Once the customer leaves, waiters can close the table and it's ready for new guests to check-in.

Neptune watchOS app

In addition to the Cashier Side-Cick, waiters can use a smartwatch to get table information on their wrist so that they can check orders at any time.

Waiters will get notified when a customer has paid or wishes to order more. The UI is minimal and designed to make each table easy to find and interact with.

Waiters also have the option to close the table on their watch.


Benefits for restaurant owners

  • Learn about customers preferences and food choices.
  • Get to know how often and at what time individuals visit.
  • Neptune also lets restaurants advertise their target group and send them special deals to get customers back in to their restaurant.
  • Waiters don't need to spend time on cashing in and out.
  • Save money on high cost and maintenance of terminals.


Keep the good things

Initially, we thought about providing a platform where users can also directly make orders from the app. However, after talking to many restaurant and visitors, we learned that the dining experience completes with the waiter and waitress services and recommendations. Moreover, we believe that as much as automation with upcoming technology is exciting, it is important to be mindful and provide spaces for people in the service industry.